United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

In Accra, Ghana, CREATOR assisted to promote the successful convening of the twelfth United Nations Conference on Trade and Development abbreviated as UNCTAD. There were thousands of people participated in the conference. In the conference site with total coverage of approximately 10, 000 square meters, nine assembly rooms are set, e.g. main meeting place, press center, non-governmental organization, world investment forum, etc. A thorough plan is required to realize simultaneous operation of the nine conference rooms. In addition, all the equipment must be highly stable in performance.

UNCTAD would be held one month and a half later, when CREATOR began to undertake the conference systems installation. Several empty conference rooms needed temporary structures, and didn't have any power sockets. Moreover, it was required that equipment including switchers, central control unit, digital wired conference system, etc., must belong to the same brand. It was really a very difficult engineering to finish all the conference systems' supply and installation in so short a time.

    1. The Twelfth UNCTAD
    1. The Twelfth UNCTAD
    1. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
    1. Head of the Chinese Delegation Yi Xiaozhun
    1. Ghanaian President
    1. Brazilian President